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Three Tablets to Give This Christmas

December 26, 2012 Leave a comment


With the holiday gift-giving season fast approaching, what would be a better gift to give than the hottest gadget of the season, the tablet PC. But with so many models to choose from, what should you get, and for who? Here are a few suggestions.

xmas The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and everybody is starting to make lists of gift ideas and who to give them to.  Buying presents early is a great idea so that you can avoid trying to find everything at the last minute.  Avoiding the Christmas holiday rush will definitely help you keep your sanity.

All over the world it is traditional to give gifts to your loved ones during the Christmas season.  This year, electronics and gadgets are the most coveted gifts. Tablet PCs are selling like hotcakes because of their versatility; useful for work, school, or for entertainment.

There are many tablets to choose from and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. With the wide array of tablet PCs available in the market today, you might get dizzy just reading all their reviews.  Figuring out who will be receiving which device will be a big help in narrowing down the right tablet PC to buy.

Here are three of the hottest tablet PCs you may want to consider for the coming holidays.  See if you know who would be a perfect fit for them:


Apple iPad 4th Generation ($499-$550)

The latest generation of the iPad is of course, what many consider to be the best among its many versions.

Perfect for: Anyone you are thinking of giving a present to who is not adept at using a tablet PC or is still learning how to use one. 

Why? The A6X processor is quick and responds to commands right away.  The Retina Display screen is gorgeous, especially when playing games or watching videos.  It already has LTE capability, making it more appealing since that means faster data connection for the user.  The new Lightning connector is also a new feature worth enjoying. Of course, this comes with access to the Apple iOS store, which still has the widest and best selection for apps.

Google Nexus 7 ($199-$260)

This 7-incher packs a lot of performance; a great device from the developers of the Android OS.

Perfect for: Nieces, nephews, or siblings who are still in school and will really appreciate the 16GB version of the Google Nexus 7.

Why? Among the smaller sized tablet PC’s, this baby still tops its class by a mile.  The size is perfect for toting everywhere and it is powerful enough to be able to handle school stuff.  Powered by the latest Android Jelly Bean, you know it has a smooth interface and fast performance. Any student taking all those notes in class can now do so without missing a beat, thanks to this tablet.

Asus Transformer Pad TF300 ($345-$470)

Is it a tablet or a laptop? Well, it can be both, and savvy techies keep piling on their love for this device.

Perfect for: People who use a tablet PC for work. 

Why? The Transformer lives up to its names as it can transform into a full size laptop, complete with a keyboard and extra data storage space when needed to furnish reports and data encoding. The device’s Tegra 3 processor enables it to transform easily from a tablet PC to a laptop in a matter of seconds.  The Transformer, simply put, is a great deal, giving you the best bang for your buck.

Fitting the recipient’s personality with each gadget will make the gift all the more significant and heartfelt. Now, all you need is the cash and you’re good to go!