What Makes Android Apps Better Than iOS Apps?

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Studies have shown that a lot of people readily pay cash for iPad apps and more developers prefer to launch in iOS first before Android. Developers generally write for iOS first since it is easier. Due to fewer constraints on their resources, releasing an iOS app before considering an Android release translates to higher revenue for these developers.

Developing an app for iOS means only tweaking for three devices: the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. These tweaks are optimizations for each device once every two years, when a new version of a device is introduced (for example, the new iPad in place of the iPad 2). Moreover, the iOS operating system gets upgraded once a year at most. On the other hand, Android developers are tasked to make their apps functional on all devices running on Android. That means the apps have to tweaked for every Samsung, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, and Google device, and that’s not even a quarter of them. Moreover, Google has aggressively hastened Android upgrades to being only six months after the introduction of the last Android version: Ice Cream Sandwich was at the top until Jelly Bean was introduced shortly after. That means more work for app developers, while any profits are still unknown.

But not everything is gloomy in the world of Android. Android apps have a lot in them that may make them in some aspects even better than iOS apps. After considering them, you may even sell your iPad and look into Android tablets, or just keep that thought in mind. Listed below are some reasons Android apps aren’t all that bad.

For one, developers have more freedom to develop apps for the Android Marketplace, meaning they are not very constrained, unlike in the iOS where apps can be rejected or censored because Apple might consider an app either too similar to one already existing or too simple without anything special to offer iPad users. In this regard, the Android Marketplace is more consumer-driven, giving users the ability to eventually choose more apps.

A study has also come forth that iOS apps crash more often than Android apps. These crashes would mean that apps developed in Android are more stable. However, a part of the report states that the crashes may also be caused by iOS users not updating to the latest version of the app. Not updating an app usually means a user wants to maintain a carrier unlock, maintain a jailbreak, or is too lazy to bother with updating. Either way, having apps crash while you are in the middle of a task is something you don’t want to deal with.

iOS vs android, ios apps, android apps
Another thing that makes Android apps more attractive to a lot of users is that they are generally more pocket-friendly, with free or cheaper apps. In some cases, the same app may cost the same in iOS or Android. However, there is a chance for you to find a similar app in the Android Marketplace that is cheaper compared to a larger amount of cash for iPad app.

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Apps to Give You Olympic Fever

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The summer Olympics is one of the most much awaited event of the year and a lot of people are taking advantage of it especially those who sell iPad by highlighting the applications that showcase the Olympic events.  Developers have also taken advantage of this momentous occasion by creating applications that will help people keep track of what is happening in the Olympic arena. If you are a sports fan that wants to be updated all the time about what is going on in the Olympics then these apps should be on your iPad now.

1.    BBC Olympics

      This Android-based app will give you access to all the latest news and stories happening during the Olympics.  You can also get text commentaries from BBC journalists as well as access to video highlights of the network’s


    . However, this application will only work with Android devices as Flash must be installed on your device for it to work properly.  There are a lot of versions of this app from US sports channels, but then, getting news from the locals is always better, right?


2.    London 2012 Join In

    This is the official visitor’s guide app developed by the event organizers.  It lets you know what is happening all around the area where the games are held. It will help you a lot as it also gives live updates of the news including photos, videos, and social commentaries on the games and events.  This app gives you a sense of community, so you won’t get overwhelmed with all the events unfolding.

3.    Journey Pro

    This is a useful app for the visitors who are in London for the first time. It will help you get around London with as little hassle as possible. There are interactive maps for the Tramlink, River Service, National Rail and London Tube services.  This will help you plan your journey in advance and not get lost in the urban jungle of London.  This should be perfect for neophytes traveling in London, so they won’t have to sell iPad, thinking it would be useless in a foreign country.

Journey Pro - London UK by NAVITIME free software for iPhone, iPod and iPad

FileMaker Go 12 iPad app

4.    London 2012

    Not to be confused with the visitors app, this will help you be informed as to the status of the games, medal tally, event venues and other information essential to your Olympic experience.  This app is exclusive for iOS users only.


5.   London 2012 Official Mobile Game

    For those who are not content with just sitting and watching athletes compete and have all the fun, this app is for you.  Of course, you still won’t be competing in the Olympics, but you’ll have the chance to compete virtually in some ‘real Olympic’ events.  There are 9 virtual options, from swimming to sprints.  You may not be in London, but at least, you got the feel of competition and the spirit of the games.


iPhone Screenshot 1

These are just some of the apps that will make your Olympic experience richer.  You can ask the stores that sell iPad to install these for you right away.

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Best 7 Inch Tablets (Part One)

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Plenty of tablets are around nowadays. They come in different sizes and designs. For example, Sony tried to break new ground with the Sony Tablet P. It’s a foldable tablet with two 5.5 inch screens. What made it a failure though, is the space between the two screens. If the screens were connected when opened, they would’ve had a hit tablet.

There is one category though, that seems to be a great alternative to the iPad – the 7 inch tablet. These tablets only have 7 inch screens, which is really good for reading and carrying around.

You can sell your iPad and get a 7 inch tablet instead. They’re much easier to hold anyway.

If you’re going to sell your iPad and buy a 7 inch tablet, you can look for these alternatives at a store near you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

 Samsung has plenty of tablets for you to choose from. The Galaxy Tab series is actually a popular alternative to the iPad, and offers several alternatives. You have the traditional 10 inch tablet, an 8.9 inch version and a 7 inch version.

The 7.0 is really popular because it’s really light and easy to hold. The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 happens to be better than their previous offering, and it’s easy to see why.

The first thing about this tablet is the camera. There’s a 3.0 megapixel camera at the back and a VGA one at the front. The screen has a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels but it doesn’t have the trademark Super AMOLED Plus display usually used on their high end devices. Even so, the screen looks really great.

Aside from that, you’ll get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz on top. It’s a significant leap forward from Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Everything feels really smooth and the interface looks really great.

This tablet is one of the first tablets to get Ice Cream Sandwich with a custom skin. Productivity is increased. The visuals are less customized than ever before. Samsung puts its focus on usability instead.

You’ll get plenty of multitasking options, Face Unlock and complete Google apps for you to use. Of course, you’ll also have access to the extensive marketplace of Android apps. All the apps you’ll find on the iPad, Android has them too!

It has a 1 GHz dual core tablet that’s more than enough for your needs. Everything feels responsive and typing is quick.

In terms of battery life, the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is really good. It lasts up to 8 hours! It even outlasts other tablets, considering that the battery is smaller.

But what makes this tablet really good is the price. It sells for only 250 dollars! That’s right; you get an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet for only half the price of an iPad!

You can sell your iPad and get this tablet, without having to shell out additional cash. It’s a steal!


In the coming articles, we’ll take a look at a couple more Samsung tablets, and the Kindle Fire.

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Challenging the iPad With the Asus Transformer

If you are on the lookout for a tablet PC that will make you think of how to sell your iPad, then the second generation of Asus tablet PC, the Asus Transformer,  might just be the one.  Asus has long been known for its top of the line desktop computers and laptops.  They too are one of the many computer manufacturers that have joined the bandwagon of manufacturing tablet PCs.

The Transformer is one of the thinnest tablet PCs in the market today.  It is only 8.3mm thick, besting the iPad 2.  Since it is really thin, it is also light at only 20.7 oz.  The metallic spun design is also nice and classy to look at.  If you are looking for a reason to sell old iPad for a new tablet, this might be for you.

The form factor of this ultra thin tablet is just one of the reasons that might entice you to purchase it.  It is also your ultimate multimedia portal with its 1.6 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor with 1 GB of DDR 2 RAM.    Playing movies or graphic-heavy games will be seamless, making it a more enjoyable experience.

Of course, you will not be able to appreciate it being a multimedia powerhouse if not for the SonicMaster audio technology and its Super IPS+ LCD screen. You will enjoy watching HD movies under bright light conditions and at any angle.  The screen resolution is at 1280 x 800 pixels with a pixel density of 149 ppi, which is better than iPad 2, which is only at 132 ppi.  This will truly up the ante when it comes to gaming experience on a tablet PC.  For your files, you can choose between a 32 GB and 64 GB model for its internal storage.  There is a micro SD card that can accommodate up to 32 GB. There is also a micro HDMI port on the left side of the tablet.  You can connect an external speaker through the 3.5mm audio port on the right side.

The nice thing about the Asus Transformer Prime is that it has a docking facility that will let you connect the tablet to an external keyboard, making it look like a really thin laptop. The docking facility also has two additional high speed USB ports and an additional SD card slot for more additional storage space.  Also, this already runs on Android’s 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.  It has a 1.2 MP front-facing camera and an 8 MP autofocus camera with an LED flash at the rear.

Product Image

Reading the specs of this Asus Transformer will really make you think that it is better than the new iPad.  There are only a few features of the iPad that makes it better than this tablet PC.  Many say that this is the one that can seriously challenge the hold the iPad has on its position as the best tablet PC there is.   Just reading about the specs of this tablet PC would really make me think about how to sell my iPad.  It is indeed one of the best tablet PCs available in the market.  So if you find the iPad a tad too expensive for your budget, you can get the Transformer instead.  It’s good value for your money and you are assured of its quality as it is backed up by Asus.

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Looking for e-Book Reader Apps for the iPad?

The iPad is relishing its position of being the most popular mobile device today.  There is no product yet that could rival its popularity.  People are willing to pay the price and sell old iPads even if they are more expensive compared to the other tablet PCs available in the market.  They feel that the added features are worth the extra money they are paying.

You will see a lot of people always bringing their iPad with them wherever they go.  They want instant access to their email, the Internet, their social networks or just to be able to play games whenever they want to. Some people also use it to listen to their favorite music.  However, not everyone knows that the iPad makes a great e-book reader and you might want to consider this when you sell your used iPad to switch to an Android device.

The huge back-lit colored screen of the iPad makes it an ideal e-book reader.  The improved Retina Display definitely gives clearer pictures and this will help in not hurting your eyes.  Compared to the dedicated e-book readers who have gray screens, it is much easier to read here.  The iPad offers the reader versatility and the freedom to choose which e-book reader application you want to install.   There is a lot to choose from in the AppStore.  You may even download several to try out the features and check out the content.

There is actually a pre-installed e-book reader on the iPad called iBooks. It has an easy to use user interface.  Navigating is no problem because the titles are arranged on a bookshelf and using this makes you feel like you are reading the actual book.  You see the curvature of the page when you turn it. The device also adjusts to the position you hold the unit, be it horizontal or vertical.  The store where you choose books are built-in so no need to get out of the program.  The books you choose to go directly to your library, which you can access easily. It can also display Personal PDF files that you sync through iTunes.  The only drawback to this is that it has a slim number of books available for download.

The Nook app is from Barnes and Noble.  Among the three (iBooks, Kindle, and Nook), this app has the largest collection of books although half of those are already considered to be out of print.  You can lend and borrow from the other users of this app, which makes it a community of readers. The titles can be shared for two weeks. The only negative feedback about the app is that it takes a while for the pages of the book to load.


You can also try Amazon’s Kindle application for the iPad. It has a larger selection of books with about 700,000 titles and still growing. A built-in dictionary that instantly displays when you highlight a word will help you better understand the story. You can also see popular highlighted passages of the book.  It can accommodate horizontal, two-page layout.

The iPad makes an awesome e-book reader. Not only can you can choose the application you want to use but you also do not need to change devices when you want to do something else like browse the web for the latest title.  It is versatile and can do more than show your books so it won’t be a hard decision whether to hold on or sell your used iPad.

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What Happens When You Sell Your iPad

Some people have attachment issues. They have difficulty letting go of items that mean a lot to them. Take for example, the very first tablet they bought. Since they bought it using their first paycheck or a beloved person gave it to them, letting go of these devices is difficult. However, if the said tablets are too old to use, it would be better to let them go. Selling your iPad would be better than leaving it somewhere in the house to gather dust. Since having these devices fixed is out of the question because of the cost, it would be better to sell them instead.

Those who are afraid to let go of items would feel better if their things go to a good cause, just like letting a pet go to a good owner. Selling iPads is not an easy thing because sellers still have some reservations. A tablet owner can look for sites online to search for a place to send their old gadgets. CashforiPads.com is one such site. This site actually refurbishes old tablets to be resold.

This site is a trustworthy one since it is a member of VeriSign Secured Seal Program. It is also recognized by TRUSTe and Better Business Bureau as a site that transacts legally.  It is evidently safe to do business with this company.

Completing the sale is actually easy. One must first log in to the site and assess it. Inform the company of the current condition of the unit. For a person who does not have a lot of knowledge about technical stuff, it is actually okay to state only the obvious. Talk about what is physically seen like, the battery, screen, and the performance of the device.

When that is done, the company will actually send a box to the seller indicating that the unit should be sent over to the company. The shipping cost is actually covered by the company so there is no need to pay for it.  Experts in tablet technology then do another round of assessment.

Once the company establishes a price, the form of payment comes next. The seller has two choices in this case. One is actually receiving a check through mail and another is having it deposited to PayPal. For a seller who has an account with the company’s accredited institutions, this would be very convenient.

There is really no need to worry about a tablet that has a lot of sentimental value since another person would use the refurbished tablet. The old gadget would not have to end up in the dump with no one to care for it. Selling an iPad for cash is the best solution for this concern. This not only solves the problem of having too much clutter in one’s house but also another person’s wish to have an affordable tablet. Somebody would always be interested in buying a tablet for a lower price since it is not brand new.



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Great Reasons to Sell iPad 2

When comparing two things, one should not just focus on the physical characteristics. It is important to check what is inside as well. This is the same with Apple tablets. IPad 2 and the latest iPad look almost similar but the changes are found in the hidden features that cannot be found by just looking at its physical appearance. The differences would surely persuade an individual to sell used iPad to buy a new one.

With the latest iPad, it is possible to move from one app to another by the use of the multi-touch gesture. This made switching apps easier. The RAM that was raised from 512 MB that is available in the iPad 2 to 1G, made it possible to run programs at an optimum level because of the longer battery life. The battery can actually last for 10 hours before it must be recharged.

The third generation iPad also has Retina Display that makes the images very crisp. This is not available in the older versions of the iPad. Viewing with this device is really a treat since the picture is clearer than that of a High Definition TV. The resolution is twice the amount of the old iPad models. This feature really provides a unique viewing experience for its viewers.

Do not forget the rear camera. Though it was introduced in the iPad 2, the pixel is only 1 MP. In the case of the iPad 3, it is 5x bigger hence images are already good when it is taken. Plus it has an auto-focus feature instead of a fixed focus one found in the old model.

With the features already mentioned, is there any reason why people would not want to obtain this gadget? Yes, there actually is, because the features are bigger and better. It would be a good choice to sell your iPad 2 to get this one of a kind tablet. There would be no feeling of wasting money if one is able to sell an old iPad to buy a new one.

If the features aren’t enough then take note of the Wireless Frequency capability of the two. The iPad 2 is a mere 3G while the iPad 3 has been already 4G. Talk about hi-tech right?


For those who are too lazy to take note of important meetings or events, there is actually no need to write down the information. One can just use the voice dictation feature. This is for those who are too busy or too slow to write down things. The dictation can be easily converted to text for documentation purposes that is very helpful for company meetings or even just a simple personal diary.

Now that both the iPad 2 and the iPad of the latest model have been compared, it is evident that the features added to make iPad 3 more attractive to the consumers. The added features would really make any user, even people who aren’t that into techie stuff like moms, enjoy this device. To sell iPad 2 for the latest iPad would be a good decision for gadget lovers out there.

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