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Sell Iconia W Series, Recycle, and Upgrade

December 4, 2012 Leave a comment

There was a time when having electronic products such as laptops and cellphones were only used by people working corporate jobs or those who were in the tech industry. Nowadays, people from all walks of life, even school children have a laptop, tablet, or cell phone. This is because electronic devices have become much cheaper and easier to acquire. The downside of this is that stuff is easily replaced and disposed of, which in turn means that more of these things eventually end up in the garbage. This is the main reason why you should sell Iconia W Series instead of throwing it away when it has broken down.

You may be wondering if you can still sell Iconia W Series if it is already in an unusable condition. Luckily the answer is yes. Check out the website because they buy laptops, tablets, and cell phones no matter what condition they are in. Even if you think that it is worthless and cannot be used anymore, you will still be able to sell it to this company. Aside from buying used electronics and refurbishing them to be resold, the company is also part of a global recycling effort of this industry.

There are still usable parts that can be recycled even in devices that are already beyond repair. Also, even if the parts themselves cannot be used anymore, the components can still be harvested, such as the metal in the wires. In a recent newspaper article, it has been reported that usable quantities of gold, copper, and other metals can be mined from the millions of used cell phones thrown away daily.  Thus, if you sell Iconia W Series you will be actively taking part in recycling. Aside from getting some cash from what you would have initially thrown away, you will also be helping in minimizing garbage and saving natural resources.

With the cash you’ll be getting from selling your broken Iconia, upgrading to a more advanced tablet would be easier. If you ask us, here are three tablets that could be worth your money:


•    Google Nexus 7Front_view_of_Nexus_7_(cropped)
If you are an Android user, why not try this 7-inch tablet from the developers of the operating system themselves? This device is the first to be pre-installed with the latest version of the Android, the 4.1 Jelly Bean. Of course, you can trust Google to go all-out on its freebie apps courtesy of its Google Play store.




•    Kindle Fire HD 7”
With a better battery life and a display screen that has been described as excellent, this is one small tab you should consider. However, what’s weird is that the weak point of this device manufactured for the cyber world’s largest retailer is its slow-moving store!





•    A more affordable Iconia tablet665-acer-iconia-a500
The W series is pretty much the premium line of Acer tablets, while the A series is only half its price. While it is true that Acer’s A series tablet have not been receiving that many favorable reviews as its W series brother, at least it has a slot for MicroSD cards, which means additional 32 GB of storage space for you!

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Tablet Showdown: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Versus iPad Mini

November 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Despite what the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said about smaller tablet computers, Apple still produced their very own 7-inch tablet computer, entering the arena for smaller tablets. This smaller version of the iPad is called “the iPad Mini.” When it was released, a lot of people began comparing it to other tablets in the market, saying that the iPad Mini will thrash them all. Will it be good enough to attract customers to sell their iPad and buy it? How about if we compare it to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Processor, RAM and Storage

The smaller iPad has the A5 chip processor, which is in the iPad 2. Although it is not the latest, it is not slow. The iPad Mini also has the PowerVR GPU, which delivers great gaming experience while it keeps the tablet cool. It also has 1 GB of RAM. You can also choose between black or white. As usual, you can choose your storage options from 14, 32 or 64 GB.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung runs on a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos chip processor. It also has an amazing GPU that delivers outstanding gaming performance. It has 2 GB of RAM. Compared to the smaller iPad, it only has two options for storage: 16 GB or 32 GB, but with an SD support for 64 GB. So when it comes to processor, storage and RAM, the Samsung tablet computer is the winner.


The Samsung Galaxy Note has a 5.5 inch screen with 306 pixels per inch, giving it a higher pixel density than the Apple iPad Mini. Moreover, the iPad Mini does not have the Retina Display. Another advantage of the Galaxy Note 2 is that it has better viewing angles than the iPad Mini. Although the Apple tablet’s screen looks great because of its size, the Galaxy Note 2 is still better when it comes to color vibrancy, pixel density and black reproduction.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 runs on the latest operating system of Android, which is Jelly Bean. The iPad Mini also runs on the latest operating system of Apple, the iOS 6, which is very easy to use and has about 200 new features. Moreover, the App Store of Apple has more apps than the Google Play Store. To note, the Galaxy Note 2 does not use tablet apps, but rather the Android phone apps, of which you can choose from about 600,000. Since the App Store of Apple offers more, the iPad Mini wins here.


The Samsung tablet computer has rear and front cameras. The rear camera has eight megapixels while the front has 1.9 megapixels. On the other hand, the iPad Mini has a five-megapixel iSight back camera and a two-megapixel front camera that can record 720p video. It has five elements, which can give you great image quality even in low light. But still, the Galaxy Note 2 wins here since its camera is faster and offers better image reproduction. It is easier to take photos with it, as well since it is easier to hold.

Who Wins?

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 wins in two categories, the two gadgets are still well-matched. However, which one is good enough to sell an old or broken iPad for? If you want better hardware, portability and camera, go for the Galaxy Note 2. If you want a larger screen and more apps, then go for the iPad Mini.

Preparing for the Apple Double Header

November 8, 2012 Leave a comment



If you are an iPad disciple, you should have already heard of the surprise Apple presented during its press event on October 23. While many were expecting to hear some news on upgraded gadgets aside from the ‘big’ iPad Mini announcement, very few people were banking on the announcement of a 4th generation iPad! We just didn’t see that coming!

But now that it has been finalized, being an iDevice fan, you definitely want that iPad in your hands! With the iPad Mini also launching on the same day, November 2, how will you be 100% prepared for this double-header? Even if you are emotionally prepared, the question is, are you financially ready for what appears to be an $828 spree in the coming weeks? The iPad Mini base model is said to retail at $329, while the iPad 4 16GB Wi-Fi will be $499. The good news is if you want to sell iPad 3, you can still get a fairly good price for it because Apple has not lowered its prices despite this new generation of devices.

I can help you to prepare for purchasing the iPad 4, or the iPad Mini, whichever you prefer, just in time for when it becomes available on the market. This will help you a lot in saving for the coming iPads.

Here’s how to prep for iPad 4 or the iPad Mini:

  1. Research how to sell iPad WiFi 16GB or whatever model your iPad is from a reputable electronics refurbishing company. Visit all the sites you can get and trim down your choices to three or four. Then, compare these three or four most promising websites. Look into their track record, the convenience of their processes and the service they provide.
  2. Create a backup of your files saved on your tablet. You won’t be sorry for doing this, even if you think all your files are dispensable.
  3. Revert your unit to its original factory configuration by these methods:
    1. Plug in your cables and sync to iTunes, then click Restore.
    2. Unplug your cables and use the iPad alone for configuration settings. Tap your way to Settings>General>Restore.
    3. Normally, most iPad users use both procedures to safeguard their privacy. Nothing wrong in repeating these configuration methods for assurance.
  4. Go back to the site of the refurbishment company you have chosen.
  5. Begin your online transaction.
  6. Pinpoint your iPad model. Be particular in how many GB of storage space your iPad has. Does it have 16, 32, or 64 GB of internal storage? Is it a Wi-Fi only model or Wi-Fi and 3G?
  7. Identify unit condition (defects or history of accidents).
  8. Ship the handset (refurbishing companies take charge of the shipping fee).
  9. Get paid via PayPal or mailed check.

Being able to feel the slick iPad in your own hands will be a lot better than drooling over one in the store. Make the move and give it your best shot! Sell iPad now!

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What Makes Android Apps Better Than iOS Apps?

August 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Studies have shown that a lot of people readily pay cash for iPad apps and more developers prefer to launch in iOS first before Android. Developers generally write for iOS first since it is easier. Due to fewer constraints on their resources, releasing an iOS app before considering an Android release translates to higher revenue for these developers.

Developing an app for iOS means only tweaking for three devices: the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. These tweaks are optimizations for each device once every two years, when a new version of a device is introduced (for example, the new iPad in place of the iPad 2). Moreover, the iOS operating system gets upgraded once a year at most. On the other hand, Android developers are tasked to make their apps functional on all devices running on Android. That means the apps have to tweaked for every Samsung, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, and Google device, and that’s not even a quarter of them. Moreover, Google has aggressively hastened Android upgrades to being only six months after the introduction of the last Android version: Ice Cream Sandwich was at the top until Jelly Bean was introduced shortly after. That means more work for app developers, while any profits are still unknown.

But not everything is gloomy in the world of Android. Android apps have a lot in them that may make them in some aspects even better than iOS apps. After considering them, you may even sell your iPad and look into Android tablets, or just keep that thought in mind. Listed below are some reasons Android apps aren’t all that bad.

For one, developers have more freedom to develop apps for the Android Marketplace, meaning they are not very constrained, unlike in the iOS where apps can be rejected or censored because Apple might consider an app either too similar to one already existing or too simple without anything special to offer iPad users. In this regard, the Android Marketplace is more consumer-driven, giving users the ability to eventually choose more apps.

A study has also come forth that iOS apps crash more often than Android apps. These crashes would mean that apps developed in Android are more stable. However, a part of the report states that the crashes may also be caused by iOS users not updating to the latest version of the app. Not updating an app usually means a user wants to maintain a carrier unlock, maintain a jailbreak, or is too lazy to bother with updating. Either way, having apps crash while you are in the middle of a task is something you don’t want to deal with.

iOS vs android, ios apps, android apps
Another thing that makes Android apps more attractive to a lot of users is that they are generally more pocket-friendly, with free or cheaper apps. In some cases, the same app may cost the same in iOS or Android. However, there is a chance for you to find a similar app in the Android Marketplace that is cheaper compared to a larger amount of cash for iPad app.

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Great Reasons to Sell iPad 2

When comparing two things, one should not just focus on the physical characteristics. It is important to check what is inside as well. This is the same with Apple tablets. IPad 2 and the latest iPad look almost similar but the changes are found in the hidden features that cannot be found by just looking at its physical appearance. The differences would surely persuade an individual to sell used iPad to buy a new one.

With the latest iPad, it is possible to move from one app to another by the use of the multi-touch gesture. This made switching apps easier. The RAM that was raised from 512 MB that is available in the iPad 2 to 1G, made it possible to run programs at an optimum level because of the longer battery life. The battery can actually last for 10 hours before it must be recharged.

The third generation iPad also has Retina Display that makes the images very crisp. This is not available in the older versions of the iPad. Viewing with this device is really a treat since the picture is clearer than that of a High Definition TV. The resolution is twice the amount of the old iPad models. This feature really provides a unique viewing experience for its viewers.

Do not forget the rear camera. Though it was introduced in the iPad 2, the pixel is only 1 MP. In the case of the iPad 3, it is 5x bigger hence images are already good when it is taken. Plus it has an auto-focus feature instead of a fixed focus one found in the old model.

With the features already mentioned, is there any reason why people would not want to obtain this gadget? Yes, there actually is, because the features are bigger and better. It would be a good choice to sell your iPad 2 to get this one of a kind tablet. There would be no feeling of wasting money if one is able to sell an old iPad to buy a new one.

If the features aren’t enough then take note of the Wireless Frequency capability of the two. The iPad 2 is a mere 3G while the iPad 3 has been already 4G. Talk about hi-tech right?


For those who are too lazy to take note of important meetings or events, there is actually no need to write down the information. One can just use the voice dictation feature. This is for those who are too busy or too slow to write down things. The dictation can be easily converted to text for documentation purposes that is very helpful for company meetings or even just a simple personal diary.

Now that both the iPad 2 and the iPad of the latest model have been compared, it is evident that the features added to make iPad 3 more attractive to the consumers. The added features would really make any user, even people who aren’t that into techie stuff like moms, enjoy this device. To sell iPad 2 for the latest iPad would be a good decision for gadget lovers out there.

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Mother’s Day is Guaranteed Happy By Selling an iPad?

My mom uses my computer, and it has become such a drag.

Don’t misunderstand: I love my mom.  But as much as I don’t really mind my mom using my computer, what does bother me is that my privacy is pretty much sacrificed because of my mom’s computer use.  Why don’t I lock the doors of my room before I leave in the morning?  Maybe I should, but my mom does catch me heading the door every morning, and asking if I could leave my room’s door open because she’ll be using my computer later in the day.  She asks me in her sweetest mommy voice possible.  How can I say no?

Moreover, if I do succeed in locking my room in the morning, she eventually asks me to help her with a computer question in the evening.  Yes, it can be a real drag when I have to pretend to do some homework while my mom is in front of my computer, asking me why a webpage isn’t loading, or how to sign up for some Facebook club.

I talked with my dad about this problem, and he told me that mom may deliberately do this because it’s my last year at home and I’ll be studying in university across the country next year.  My heart melted as I wondered how can I accommodate some bonding time with my mom and at the same time bring back some privacy in my room.

I wanted to buy my mom an iPad for Mother’s Day.  I think it would be a great bonding moment for us, me teaching her how to use the gadget she might be frightened to use because it looks may advanced compared to the desktop computer she already has some issues with.  Moreover, she can bring an iPad wherever I go, so I figure she can bring it with her when she goes out with her friends and proudly announce to them that I, her son, gave her this shiny gizmo.

Good thing dad volunteered to help me by giving me his old iPad.  He told me to give it to mom because she won’t know if it’s old or new anyway.  But that wasn’t my style.  I want to give the best mom in the world a brand new iPad, and I figured that old laptop can help me achieve that goal.

I went online and looked for ways to sell used iPads.  I discovered that there are companies that exactly do that – buy old gadgets, including iPads, and giving their customers money in return.  I wasted no time and did a comparison of these websites.  High Better Business Bureau raking, check.  Good environmental standing, check.  Realistic and good quotes for iPads, check.  I ended up with a site called

What attracted me to this site was aside from the qualities I mentioned earlier, the entire process of selling iPads was done in a snap.  Actually, less than a week, which was everything I could hope for.  I started my dealing with them at the start of the month, got the box on the 4th of May, and yesterday, the 10th, my dad told me his PayPal account has been credited already.  Now, I even have two more days to buy a new iPad for mom.  Why don’t you sell your iPad for the happiest Mother’s Day you can guarantee as well?

After the Heat Comes the Wi-Fi Issue

May 7, 2012 1 comment

What’s Next of Apple’s Demise?


After the serious debate on the New iPad exceeding its usual thermal specifications based on the accounts of several tablet users, it seems that Apple is already on the works of being embroiled in a yet another media firestorm: One month after the release of the Resolutionary iPad, news reports speak of some Wi-Fi related issues that need addressing from the tech company.

Is this another sign that tells us to have an iPad trade in as soon as possible?

Based on the internal AppleCare documents acquired by 9to5 Mac, Apple is presently doing an active investigation on a variety of Wi-Fi related issues that hound the New iPad.

As a matter of fact, the resurgence of issues is expected among all Apple products if previous records will be revisited. And it is not surprising for Apple to redo its investigation as each product has had its share of success and misgivings in the past as well as in the present. Currently, the tech juggernaut has a bountiful harvest of comments- mostly complaints- in Apple’s Support Communities in which users rant about failing Wi-Fi connections, slow upload and download speeds, and difficulty establishing a connection to Wi-Fi networks in the first place.

But before you sell used electronics because of its defects, we must first determine the magnitude of the issue. Who knows? The tech giant might find a way to resolve the problem and replace your defective iPad.

So far, only the Wi-Fi only New iPads seem to be bothered by the issue. Fortunately for iPad models that use 4G LTE Support, they aren’t a pain in the neck for their masters.

Mark Gurman of 9to5 Mac says that an anonymous source gave him the news that AppleCare people received the directive of capturing New iPads affected by the Wi-Fi issues. Apple instructed their employees to tell people to immediately pack up and ship their iPads to Apple’s engineering centers for examination and investigation.

We emphasize: Apple does not intend to snatch away your iPads from you. They will be replaced for your benefit.

As usual, Apple still keeps mum about the issue when asked. A lot of news sites have tried to contact Apple for it to confirm the issues and the investigation, but as of the moment, issues of similar nature have already surfaced in the past and even before there was a New iPad.

But if you still decide to sell your iPad instantly without the rigors of waiting and direct selling, I recommend that you do it at so that you may experience a fast and simple way of maxing out the value of your iPad.

The company maintains a fairly easy transaction that allows you to finish the process in less than a minute. More than that is the cash rewards that you will never find or get from other online recycling companies.

Do not let the defects best a good iPad user experience!