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Sell Iconia W Series, Recycle, and Upgrade

There was a time when having electronic products such as laptops and cellphones were only used by people working corporate jobs or those who were in the tech industry. Nowadays, people from all walks of life, even school children have a laptop, tablet, or cell phone. This is because electronic devices have become much cheaper and easier to acquire. The downside of this is that stuff is easily replaced and disposed of, which in turn means that more of these things eventually end up in the garbage. This is the main reason why you should sell Iconia W Series instead of throwing it away when it has broken down.

You may be wondering if you can still sell Iconia W Series if it is already in an unusable condition. Luckily the answer is yes. Check out the website CashforTabletPCs.com because they buy laptops, tablets, and cell phones no matter what condition they are in. Even if you think that it is worthless and cannot be used anymore, you will still be able to sell it to this company. Aside from buying used electronics and refurbishing them to be resold, the company is also part of a global recycling effort of this industry.

There are still usable parts that can be recycled even in devices that are already beyond repair. Also, even if the parts themselves cannot be used anymore, the components can still be harvested, such as the metal in the wires. In a recent newspaper article, it has been reported that usable quantities of gold, copper, and other metals can be mined from the millions of used cell phones thrown away daily.  Thus, if you sell Iconia W Series you will be actively taking part in recycling. Aside from getting some cash from what you would have initially thrown away, you will also be helping in minimizing garbage and saving natural resources.

With the cash you’ll be getting from selling your broken Iconia, upgrading to a more advanced tablet would be easier. If you ask us, here are three tablets that could be worth your money:


•    Google Nexus 7Front_view_of_Nexus_7_(cropped)
If you are an Android user, why not try this 7-inch tablet from the developers of the operating system themselves? This device is the first to be pre-installed with the latest version of the Android, the 4.1 Jelly Bean. Of course, you can trust Google to go all-out on its freebie apps courtesy of its Google Play store.




•    Kindle Fire HD 7”
With a better battery life and a display screen that has been described as excellent, this is one small tab you should consider. However, what’s weird is that the weak point of this device manufactured for the cyber world’s largest retailer is its slow-moving store!





•    A more affordable Iconia tablet665-acer-iconia-a500
The W series is pretty much the premium line of Acer tablets, while the A series is only half its price. While it is true that Acer’s A series tablet have not been receiving that many favorable reviews as its W series brother, at least it has a slot for MicroSD cards, which means additional 32 GB of storage space for you!

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