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Preparing for the Apple Double Header



If you are an iPad disciple, you should have already heard of the surprise Apple presented during its press event on October 23. While many were expecting to hear some news on upgraded gadgets aside from the ‘big’ iPad Mini announcement, very few people were banking on the announcement of a 4th generation iPad! We just didn’t see that coming!

But now that it has been finalized, being an iDevice fan, you definitely want that iPad in your hands! With the iPad Mini also launching on the same day, November 2, how will you be 100% prepared for this double-header? Even if you are emotionally prepared, the question is, are you financially ready for what appears to be an $828 spree in the coming weeks? The iPad Mini base model is said to retail at $329, while the iPad 4 16GB Wi-Fi will be $499. The good news is if you want to sell iPad 3, you can still get a fairly good price for it because Apple has not lowered its prices despite this new generation of devices.

I can help you to prepare for purchasing the iPad 4, or the iPad Mini, whichever you prefer, just in time for when it becomes available on the market. This will help you a lot in saving for the coming iPads.

Here’s how to prep for iPad 4 or the iPad Mini:

  1. Research how to sell iPad WiFi 16GB or whatever model your iPad is from a reputable electronics refurbishing company. Visit all the sites you can get and trim down your choices to three or four. Then, compare these three or four most promising websites. Look into their track record, the convenience of their processes and the service they provide.
  2. Create a backup of your files saved on your tablet. You won’t be sorry for doing this, even if you think all your files are dispensable.
  3. Revert your unit to its original factory configuration by these methods:
    1. Plug in your cables and sync to iTunes, then click Restore.
    2. Unplug your cables and use the iPad alone for configuration settings. Tap your way to Settings>General>Restore.
    3. Normally, most iPad users use both procedures to safeguard their privacy. Nothing wrong in repeating these configuration methods for assurance.
  4. Go back to the site of the refurbishment company you have chosen.
  5. Begin your online transaction.
  6. Pinpoint your iPad model. Be particular in how many GB of storage space your iPad has. Does it have 16, 32, or 64 GB of internal storage? Is it a Wi-Fi only model or Wi-Fi and 3G?
  7. Identify unit condition (defects or history of accidents).
  8. Ship the handset (refurbishing companies take charge of the shipping fee).
  9. Get paid via PayPal or mailed check.

Being able to feel the slick iPad in your own hands will be a lot better than drooling over one in the store. Make the move and give it your best shot! Sell iPad now!

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