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Is Breaking an iPad Worse Than Breaking Your Bones?

We all know how crazy we are for the new iPad. If we are given a chance to have the new iPad for free, we will not lose a second (or even a fraction of a second) to get it. People nowadays sell their old iPad so that they can have the new one. But what if they have a new one and break? Is it easy to just sell it? Well, according to a survey conducted by Brainshark, Inc., breaking an iPad is more painful than breaking their legs.

Here is the result of the survey. Apparently, breaking their iPads is more painful than:

  • Getting in a minor car accident – 40%
  • Having a root canal – 1 in 3 (32%)
  • Breaking their nose – 16%
  • Getting fired from their job – 10%

Brainshark’s survey was conducted in August. It shows how deeply entrenched the iPad has become into the lives of its users, either professional or personal. 92% of iPad owners say that the iPad supplements their laptop, but 51% think it is their primary device.

iPad’s Ubiquity

Now that almost 17 million iPads were sold (that’s two times more than the population of New York City) last quarter, it is safe to say that the iPad is not just any ordinary device, but a part of an everyday landscape and popular culture. The survey was on when and where iPad owners use their iPad:

  • Naked – More than 1 in 3 (34%)
  • On the toilet – 60%
  • In the tub – 21%
  • While walking… and bumped into someone! – 1 in 4 (24%)
  • On vacation – 92%
  • In a plane – 73%
  • At a client meeting – 47%

Of course, the ever-presence of the iPad is the result of its features and the benefits owners receive from it. Another survey was done on what the grounds are for their use of iPads: Device’s portability (88%), ability to turn on instantly (77%), apps (72%) and ability to keep owners accessible (58%). Would you believe that 43% say that one benefit is having it as a pacifier for their kids? And 1 in every 4 person (about 27%) say that the iPad is simply a piece of art.

A Replacement Device

Many people now look at the iPad as a replacement device. 67% of the iPad owners say that the device replaces books for them, while others say it replaces their TV (31%), camera (31%), video camera (24%), GPS (32%) and MP3 player (51%).

Some even take it further: They regarded the iPad as more valuable than some appliances. 34% say that they would rather turn off their air-conditioner; 42% would turn off their heater.

Other than that, here are the percentages of iPad owners who say that they would rather lose these than their iPads:

  • License – 42%
  • Wedding ring – 1 in 5 (20%)
  • Credit card or ATM card – 46% and 45% respectively
  • Wallet – More than 1 in 4 (27%)

What’s Wrong With Them?

There is nothing wrong with them. It is completely understandable that they love the iPad so much because we all know that the iPad really helps us in our daily lives. Like any other technological device, it makes our lives easier. It hurts us when we break our iPads not only because of the expense we paid for it, but also because it has become a vital part of our everyday lives. It is like losing a part of ourselves. Will it be still useful once we break it? Maybe, it depends on how bad it is. But what if it won’t turn on anymore?

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