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Apps to Give You Olympic Fever

The summer Olympics is one of the most much awaited event of the year and a lot of people are taking advantage of it especially those who sell iPad by highlighting the applications that showcase the Olympic events.  Developers have also taken advantage of this momentous occasion by creating applications that will help people keep track of what is happening in the Olympic arena. If you are a sports fan that wants to be updated all the time about what is going on in the Olympics then these apps should be on your iPad now.

1.    BBC Olympics

      This Android-based app will give you access to all the latest news and stories happening during the Olympics.  You can also get text commentaries from BBC journalists as well as access to video highlights of the network’s


    . However, this application will only work with Android devices as Flash must be installed on your device for it to work properly.  There are a lot of versions of this app from US sports channels, but then, getting news from the locals is always better, right?


2.    London 2012 Join In

    This is the official visitor’s guide app developed by the event organizers.  It lets you know what is happening all around the area where the games are held. It will help you a lot as it also gives live updates of the news including photos, videos, and social commentaries on the games and events.  This app gives you a sense of community, so you won’t get overwhelmed with all the events unfolding.

3.    Journey Pro

    This is a useful app for the visitors who are in London for the first time. It will help you get around London with as little hassle as possible. There are interactive maps for the Tramlink, River Service, National Rail and London Tube services.  This will help you plan your journey in advance and not get lost in the urban jungle of London.  This should be perfect for neophytes traveling in London, so they won’t have to sell iPad, thinking it would be useless in a foreign country.

Journey Pro - London UK by NAVITIME free software for iPhone, iPod and iPad

FileMaker Go 12 iPad app

4.    London 2012

    Not to be confused with the visitors app, this will help you be informed as to the status of the games, medal tally, event venues and other information essential to your Olympic experience.  This app is exclusive for iOS users only.


5.   London 2012 Official Mobile Game

    For those who are not content with just sitting and watching athletes compete and have all the fun, this app is for you.  Of course, you still won’t be competing in the Olympics, but you’ll have the chance to compete virtually in some ‘real Olympic’ events.  There are 9 virtual options, from swimming to sprints.  You may not be in London, but at least, you got the feel of competition and the spirit of the games.


iPhone Screenshot 1

These are just some of the apps that will make your Olympic experience richer.  You can ask the stores that sell iPad to install these for you right away.

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