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Looking for e-Book Reader Apps for the iPad?

The iPad is relishing its position of being the most popular mobile device today.  There is no product yet that could rival its popularity.  People are willing to pay the price and sell old iPads even if they are more expensive compared to the other tablet PCs available in the market.  They feel that the added features are worth the extra money they are paying.

You will see a lot of people always bringing their iPad with them wherever they go.  They want instant access to their email, the Internet, their social networks or just to be able to play games whenever they want to. Some people also use it to listen to their favorite music.  However, not everyone knows that the iPad makes a great e-book reader and you might want to consider this when you sell your used iPad to switch to an Android device.

The huge back-lit colored screen of the iPad makes it an ideal e-book reader.  The improved Retina Display definitely gives clearer pictures and this will help in not hurting your eyes.  Compared to the dedicated e-book readers who have gray screens, it is much easier to read here.  The iPad offers the reader versatility and the freedom to choose which e-book reader application you want to install.   There is a lot to choose from in the AppStore.  You may even download several to try out the features and check out the content.

There is actually a pre-installed e-book reader on the iPad called iBooks. It has an easy to use user interface.  Navigating is no problem because the titles are arranged on a bookshelf and using this makes you feel like you are reading the actual book.  You see the curvature of the page when you turn it. The device also adjusts to the position you hold the unit, be it horizontal or vertical.  The store where you choose books are built-in so no need to get out of the program.  The books you choose to go directly to your library, which you can access easily. It can also display Personal PDF files that you sync through iTunes.  The only drawback to this is that it has a slim number of books available for download.

The Nook app is from Barnes and Noble.  Among the three (iBooks, Kindle, and Nook), this app has the largest collection of books although half of those are already considered to be out of print.  You can lend and borrow from the other users of this app, which makes it a community of readers. The titles can be shared for two weeks. The only negative feedback about the app is that it takes a while for the pages of the book to load.


You can also try Amazon’s Kindle application for the iPad. It has a larger selection of books with about 700,000 titles and still growing. A built-in dictionary that instantly displays when you highlight a word will help you better understand the story. You can also see popular highlighted passages of the book.  It can accommodate horizontal, two-page layout.

The iPad makes an awesome e-book reader. Not only can you can choose the application you want to use but you also do not need to change devices when you want to do something else like browse the web for the latest title.  It is versatile and can do more than show your books so it won’t be a hard decision whether to hold on or sell your used iPad.

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