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Great Reasons to Sell iPad 2

When comparing two things, one should not just focus on the physical characteristics. It is important to check what is inside as well. This is the same with Apple tablets. IPad 2 and the latest iPad look almost similar but the changes are found in the hidden features that cannot be found by just looking at its physical appearance. The differences would surely persuade an individual to sell used iPad to buy a new one.

With the latest iPad, it is possible to move from one app to another by the use of the multi-touch gesture. This made switching apps easier. The RAM that was raised from 512 MB that is available in the iPad 2 to 1G, made it possible to run programs at an optimum level because of the longer battery life. The battery can actually last for 10 hours before it must be recharged.

The third generation iPad also has Retina Display that makes the images very crisp. This is not available in the older versions of the iPad. Viewing with this device is really a treat since the picture is clearer than that of a High Definition TV. The resolution is twice the amount of the old iPad models. This feature really provides a unique viewing experience for its viewers.

Do not forget the rear camera. Though it was introduced in the iPad 2, the pixel is only 1 MP. In the case of the iPad 3, it is 5x bigger hence images are already good when it is taken. Plus it has an auto-focus feature instead of a fixed focus one found in the old model.

With the features already mentioned, is there any reason why people would not want to obtain this gadget? Yes, there actually is, because the features are bigger and better. It would be a good choice to sell your iPad 2 to get this one of a kind tablet. There would be no feeling of wasting money if one is able to sell an old iPad to buy a new one.

If the features aren’t enough then take note of the Wireless Frequency capability of the two. The iPad 2 is a mere 3G while the iPad 3 has been already 4G. Talk about hi-tech right?


For those who are too lazy to take note of important meetings or events, there is actually no need to write down the information. One can just use the voice dictation feature. This is for those who are too busy or too slow to write down things. The dictation can be easily converted to text for documentation purposes that is very helpful for company meetings or even just a simple personal diary.

Now that both the iPad 2 and the iPad of the latest model have been compared, it is evident that the features added to make iPad 3 more attractive to the consumers. The added features would really make any user, even people who aren’t that into techie stuff like moms, enjoy this device. To sell iPad 2 for the latest iPad would be a good decision for gadget lovers out there.

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