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Mother’s Day is Guaranteed Happy By Selling an iPad?

My mom uses my computer, and it has become such a drag.

Don’t misunderstand: I love my mom.  But as much as I don’t really mind my mom using my computer, what does bother me is that my privacy is pretty much sacrificed because of my mom’s computer use.  Why don’t I lock the doors of my room before I leave in the morning?  Maybe I should, but my mom does catch me heading the door every morning, and asking if I could leave my room’s door open because she’ll be using my computer later in the day.  She asks me in her sweetest mommy voice possible.  How can I say no?

Moreover, if I do succeed in locking my room in the morning, she eventually asks me to help her with a computer question in the evening.  Yes, it can be a real drag when I have to pretend to do some homework while my mom is in front of my computer, asking me why a webpage isn’t loading, or how to sign up for some Facebook club.

I talked with my dad about this problem, and he told me that mom may deliberately do this because it’s my last year at home and I’ll be studying in university across the country next year.  My heart melted as I wondered how can I accommodate some bonding time with my mom and at the same time bring back some privacy in my room.

I wanted to buy my mom an iPad for Mother’s Day.  I think it would be a great bonding moment for us, me teaching her how to use the gadget she might be frightened to use because it looks may advanced compared to the desktop computer she already has some issues with.  Moreover, she can bring an iPad wherever I go, so I figure she can bring it with her when she goes out with her friends and proudly announce to them that I, her son, gave her this shiny gizmo.

Good thing dad volunteered to help me by giving me his old iPad.  He told me to give it to mom because she won’t know if it’s old or new anyway.  But that wasn’t my style.  I want to give the best mom in the world a brand new iPad, and I figured that old laptop can help me achieve that goal.

I went online and looked for ways to sell used iPads.  I discovered that there are companies that exactly do that – buy old gadgets, including iPads, and giving their customers money in return.  I wasted no time and did a comparison of these websites.  High Better Business Bureau raking, check.  Good environmental standing, check.  Realistic and good quotes for iPads, check.  I ended up with a site called cashforipads.com.

What attracted me to this site was aside from the qualities I mentioned earlier, the entire process of selling iPads was done in a snap.  Actually, less than a week, which was everything I could hope for.  I started my dealing with them at the start of the month, got the box on the 4th of May, and yesterday, the 10th, my dad told me his PayPal account has been credited already.  Now, I even have two more days to buy a new iPad for mom.  Why don’t you sell your iPad for the happiest Mother’s Day you can guarantee as well?

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