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After the Heat Comes the Wi-Fi Issue

What’s Next of Apple’s Demise?


After the serious debate on the New iPad exceeding its usual thermal specifications based on the accounts of several tablet users, it seems that Apple is already on the works of being embroiled in a yet another media firestorm: One month after the release of the Resolutionary iPad, news reports speak of some Wi-Fi related issues that need addressing from the tech company.

Is this another sign that tells us to have an iPad trade in as soon as possible?

Based on the internal AppleCare documents acquired by 9to5 Mac, Apple is presently doing an active investigation on a variety of Wi-Fi related issues that hound the New iPad.

As a matter of fact, the resurgence of issues is expected among all Apple products if previous records will be revisited. And it is not surprising for Apple to redo its investigation as each product has had its share of success and misgivings in the past as well as in the present. Currently, the tech juggernaut has a bountiful harvest of comments- mostly complaints- in Apple’s Support Communities in which users rant about failing Wi-Fi connections, slow upload and download speeds, and difficulty establishing a connection to Wi-Fi networks in the first place.

But before you sell used electronics because of its defects, we must first determine the magnitude of the issue. Who knows? The tech giant might find a way to resolve the problem and replace your defective iPad.

So far, only the Wi-Fi only New iPads seem to be bothered by the issue. Fortunately for iPad models that use 4G LTE Support, they aren’t a pain in the neck for their masters.

Mark Gurman of 9to5 Mac says that an anonymous source gave him the news that AppleCare people received the directive of capturing New iPads affected by the Wi-Fi issues. Apple instructed their employees to tell people to immediately pack up and ship their iPads to Apple’s engineering centers for examination and investigation.

We emphasize: Apple does not intend to snatch away your iPads from you. They will be replaced for your benefit.

As usual, Apple still keeps mum about the issue when asked. A lot of news sites have tried to contact Apple for it to confirm the issues and the investigation, but as of the moment, issues of similar nature have already surfaced in the past and even before there was a New iPad.

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Do not let the defects best a good iPad user experience!




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