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iPad Replaces TV

Do you own an iPad? If the answer is a big ‘YES,’ I’d wager you have already discovered its cool features- you can read electronic books there, play flash and video games while lying on the couch, and watch your favorite flicks with your friends. Indeed, you can use it as a mini-TV.

Do not be ashamed of your oddity, though. Turns out, you are not alone enjoying the great functionality of the Apple iPad. A recent survey conducted in US said that an enormous 85% of iPad (and other tablet) owners use the gizmo to watch shows on TV.

Forrester, a marketing research firm, found that the conventional TV in the living room will soon become obsolete as people have discovered that any place will do in consuming content from their tablets. Yes! The TV will just be another permanent fixture that will complete the living room set.

Another piece of data cited from a report from Nielsen (delivered by analysts Sarah Rotman and Annie Corbet) say that 30% of the average total of the tablet running time is spent watching TV.

Needless to say, the tablet isn’t just a device that threatens to annihilate the existence of laptops or desktop computers (though these devices are still far more reliable and powerful than any slim iDevice out there), it also staves off the importance of traditional TVs. And with the coming of the Revolutionary iPad, the high definition TV is becoming another thing of the past. In fact, some people opt for iPad buyback programs and sell old iPads just so they can have the New iPad in their hands.

The report tells that 32% of tablet owners say they won’t buy a small TV in the future. By small, we say less than 24 inches. Contrast that to the 7% who say the same about buying a large television.

“As much as Samsung and others have promoted ‘Smart TVs,’ the reality is that consumers with tablets think their tablets are even smarter, and at least some of the time prefer to watch the content from their small device on the big screen,” writes Sarah Rotman.

The tech giant, Apple, would surely want to hear the report revealing that 18% of the people polled connect their tablets to their TVs via HDMI or VGA cables. This implies that a market for Apple TV is still existent.

Also, the coming of the New iPad has displaced the demand for older Gen iPads or tablets which sport a lower-screen resolution. This is why old iPad users learned to trade electronics to recycling companies for cash. They sell old iPads in the hopes of somehow maxing out the remaining value of the device.

The tech industry, fortunately is swamped with electronics refurbishment firms that accept old electronics in exchange for top dollar. And all the people have to do is to go online and log on to the website of their choice.

I am sure they will find the experience rewarding!

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